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Mobile Solutions

Early on, Ontash saw how smart phones would revolutionize everyday life, as the result of computers placed in every consumer’s pocket. Beginning in 2009, Ontash began developing apps for Android, and Symbian platforms. In the years since, Ontash has added IOS as well as cross-platform apps to its mobile offerings.

Native apps.  Ontash developed over 40 Android and IOS “visitor experience” and “educational” apps for OIdysseus Mobile Computing LLC . These apps serve as interactive guidebooks through zoos, parks and other attractions. Besides being both educational and instructive, they allow Odysseus to push promotional content through the app, driving traffic to concession stands and other revenue-generating locations. The apps are available nationwide and have been downloaded over 20,000 times.

Cross-Platform apps.  Ontash has developed a mobile app on Cordova (PhoneGap platform) that interfaces with a Mobility Server for creation of native apps directly from the Mobility Server. The Ontash cross-platform development tool has been used to create both Android and IOS native apps.

E-Commerce apps.  Moo-Cha-Cha was an Ontash app that showed the retail world a better way to push coupons and promotions through to self-qualified audiences. GPS enabled, with an intuitive, user-friendly cover flow interface – Moo-Cha-Cha allowed users to find special offers close by, for the kind of products they wanted. They simply opened the app, selected the kind of product they were looking for, and found the best deals for that product at all the stores in close proximity. Instead of paying for expensive FSIs, or printing and mailing coupons, retailers could simply upload a special offer into the app, and it would be served-up to a customer who happened to be shopping for that exact thing, at that exact time, in that exact neighborhood. Win. Win. Win.

Personal Health apps. Ontash built Hint Health  for a prominent hospital in New York State  to completely revamp a clumsy, ineffective procedure for outpatient prep and follow- up service. Before Hint Health  patients preparing for outpatient GI procedures, used a paper-based checklist to prep for the procedure and for post-procedure instructions. But not all patients paid attention to the checklists, causing costly delays and other complications. The app pushed out messages prompting patients to take certain medications and reduce or stop taking others. A rules-based system kept patients on track and the doctors appraised of their conditions Hint Health   increased compliance by at least 40%.

Ontash has also developed a HIPPA compliant mobile app for hospital medical teams to communicate with each other. When patients are admitted to most hospitals, a team of doctors, nurses, technicians and attendants are assigned to the patient. Procedures are scheduled and team members notified on paper, or perhaps at terminal stations throughout the hospital. Problems arise, when changes in the schedule occur. Ontash’s app, pushes out messaging that notifies all team members of changes in real time and automatically updates each team member’s “Schedule of Activities.”