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Open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), process automation and CRM solutions

Ontash. An Odoo ERP Certified Partner

Until recently, software powerful enough to integrate all aspects of a business, was proprietary, expensive and limited to the world’s largest organizations. But Odoo now offers an all-in-one, open-source solution that’s modular, cost-effective, and easy to use. As an Odoo Certified Partner, Ontash is fully qualified to break-down business operations and software requirements, and to implement a completely customized ERP solution. And because Odoo is open-source, you are not a slave to the software manufacturer for changes and updates.

With modules/apps for accounting, projects, inventory, sales, marketing, Human Resources and more – all integrated into a single system, your organization will run more efficiently, with fewer errors. For example, imagine recording a sale – and with a single keystroke, an invoice is generated, the project closed out, inventory adjusted, accounts payable notified, and the general ledger updated. Plus, management can call up reports reflecting the “state-of-the-business” at any point in time.

For more information on Odoo, please visit www.odoo.com.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions through SugarCRM
If your organization needs software for contact management, sales pipeline and customer relationship requirements – SugarCRM from Ontash will provide everything the small and mid-sized business needs.

Ontash embraced the SugarCRM platform early on. Named by Gartner Research “visionary in sales force automation,” SugarCRM provides an open source platform for offering features well beyond ordinary CRM. Ontash programmers are expert in customizing SugarCRM features to provide sales force automation as needed by clients.

Business Process Tracking
The process of applying for Social Security Income (SSI) can be a daunting experience for individuals who need the benefits to simply survive. Multiple forms, many asking the same questions must be completed without error, in order for the Social Security Administration to consider the application. A customized SugarCRM feature allows the applicant to complete one form, which then automatically populates all subsequent forms accurately and completely for submission. Another customization pulls data from multiple sources and automates SSI Enrollment workflows, tracking the application and subsequent appeals that must be filed.

Learn More About Odoo
Tour Odoo with a series of videos demonstrating the look, feel and functionality of Odoo modules. Or study comparisons of Odoo vs. Microsoft Dynamics AX, Netsuite, Sage, as well as SAP Business One. If you think you’re ready, go ahead and schedule a custom demo.

Data Analytics and Marketing with SugarCRM
Ontash client, Quality Reimbursement Services, assists hospitals in appealing payments from the government for serving poor and underprivileged patients who can’t pay for their medical expenses. Ontash has developed data mining programs to identify hospitals that have a high probability of being underpaid by the government, and then creates multi-media marketing programs in SugarCRM, to target these hospitals, and track every point of contact. SugarCRM management reports provide high-level progress of pipeline activity. Marketing agents quickly qualify the level of interest by decision makers, so that resources may be applied to the sales leads that have the greatest probability of success. While most B-to-B marketing research tells us that a 1% response rate to direct marketing is considered successful, Ontash data mining and SugarCRM marketing/sales support resulted in a 3% conversion rate and over $2 million dollars in QRS revenue.

Document Management with SugarCRM
In order to interface with hospital databases, Ontash client, Quality Reimbursement Services, needs hospitals to fill out Data Usage Agreements (DUAs). Filled out manually, these forms are time consuming and often caused delays in beginning projects. Ontash created a digital process in SugarCRM that cut the time to complete the forms from 30 minutes to just five, and reduced errors significantly.

Recruitment Management with SugarCRM
Ontash’s own HR department is periodically deluged with resumes that need quick and accurate analysis to winnow-out the best candidates to interview. The firm needed a more efficient way to process on-boarding. Programmers at Ontash customized SugarCRM so that all resumes were systematically entered into the system, and candidates were tracked as they progressed through the interview and on-boarding process. The new recruiting system completely revolutionized the Ontash hiring process. No more lost resumes. Special qualifications, such as certificates, memberships, college degrees, could be called-up in a few keystrokes.  Notes and comments on the candidates could be viewed by all hiring parties, and much more.