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Cloud Services

Ontash has embraced Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it’s Azure platform, primarily to take advantage of the most current, cutting edge technology available at any given time. Of course, there is usually a cost/performance trade-off when deciding between using an existing on-premises server vs. something in the cloud. And Ontash is expert at weighing system needs today and into the future against the subscription costs balanced-out by technology utilization available in the cloud. Ontash can estimate the “pay out” period, when the on-premises server ceases to be a cost-effective solution for providing anticipated needs. The client can then make an informed decision on where and how to host web services.

Of course, some databases are just too big to be economically hosted on-premise. Ontash’s use of the government (CMS) HCRIS database necessitates a cloud host. Other clients have storage needs that fluctuate wildly, where tools like Elastic Beanstalk automatically add servers when needed – so clients only pay for storage capacity that’s necessary. SaaS like Cloudfront and Kaltura can be implemented to manage media assets, video storage and streaming.